New York Traffic Tickets

We handle traffic tickets from the state of New York, regardless of where your driver’s license was issued. In most cases, we can do it remotely, appearing in court on your behalf.
Below are the steps we would generally follow

  • You send us a readable copy of the traffic ticket any other paperwork given to you by the police, plus your contact information.
    You can submit all those document to this email address:
  • We review your case at no charge and contact you with the description of the the work to be performed and a quote of our fees for those services
  • If you choose to have us represent you in NYS court, you will then sign a form agreeing to the fees and services to be performed as well as the authorization allowing us to run your DMV driving history
  • When all the documents are signed and returned, we begin  working on obtaining favorable resolution to your ticket
  • Once the deal is reached, you will be provided with instructions as to the next steps, including making your payment for legal services, which are due at that time. Please note, notification of any applicable court fees and fines will be provided after the court accepts the resolution
  • Final step is to advise you once the court accepts the disposition and of any applicable court fines and/or court fees